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A Beginners Guide to Microsoft Forms (Complete 2021 Tutorial)

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 08/07/2021 /
Microsoft Forms for Beginners

In this video, you will learn how to create a Microsoft Form that is connected to an Excel Spreadsheet found inside of Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365)

How does TeacherCast Stay Organized using Microsoft Teams?

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 06/06/2021 /
Are you using Microsoft Teams Wisely

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams to organize your business and how to transfer your digital files away from Google Drive.

Microsoft Teams: How to Plan A Summer Vacation Your Family Will Never Forget!

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 05/31/2021 /
Using Microsoft Teams to Organize Summer Activities

Learn how Microsoft Teams, when combined with Microsoft Planner, Tasks, Calendar, and Website Tabs can be used to plan an exciting Disney vacation for the entire family!

Microsoft Bookings: A Complete Educators Guide For Creating Appointments

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 01/31/2021 /
Microsoft Bookings

In this video, we show how Microsoft Bookings can be used to create an appointment calendar for use in education or other office setting.

Microsoft Teams Adds Breakout Rooms!

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 12/09/2020 /

Learn how to use the new Breakout Rooms feature in Microsoft Teams!

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