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Google Sites: How To Create A Dynamic Tech Coach Newsletter

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/07/2021 /
Creating Newsletters using Google Sites

Learn how to use Google Sites to create weekly newsletters for communicating with your teachers.

Introducing ScreenFlow 10: A Dynamic New Video Eding Experience for Your Instructional Tutorials

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 06/22/2021 /
Telestream ScreenFlow 10 Review

ScreenFlow 10 is a dynamic video recording, editing, and publishing application from Telestream worth of anyone wishing to create dynamic video content.

StreamYard: A Teachers Guide to Live Broadcasting … The Easy Way

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 12/15/2020 /
StreamYard: A Complete Tutorial for Teachers

In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we take a look at StreamYard, a live streaming application that is simple and FREE!

TeacherCast Launches New Studio Paving Way for New Era of Educational Broadcasting

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 06/07/2020 /
New TeacherCast Studio Blog Post Bumper

In the summer of 2020, TeacherCast proudly announces the launching of a new Podcast Recording Studio to support educators worldwide.

Live Streaming Video: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Started Today!

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 05/31/2020 /

Are you interested in promoting your digital content through live streaming video? Learn my 10 thoughts on why you should get started today!

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