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6 Podcasting Microphones … But Which is Best For Your Podcast?

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 12/15/2019 /
Educational Podcasting Microphone Review

Are you looking to bring audio and video podcasts into your classroom? Check out our review of our six favorite podcasting microphones today!

Spreaker Studio Now Fully Supports Chrome OS

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 09/30/2019 /

Students and Teachers can now take advantage of Spreaker Studio in the classroom as it recently announced the arrival of Chrome OS Support.

8 Simple Podcasting Projects That You Can Do With Your Students

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 08/25/2019 /
8 Simple Educational Podcasting Activities for Students

Are you looking for a way to create deeper engagement between your students and your content area this year? In this post, we take a look at 8 simple ways that Educational Podcasts can be used to create more meaningful lessons in your classrooms.

How To Create An LLC For Your Educational Podcast

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 07/08/2019 /
How To Create An LLC For Your Educational Podcast or Small Business

Do you need to create an LLC for your educational podcast or small business? Let’s take a look at the easy process of creating a Limited Liability Company.

The 8 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for Podcasters and Web Developers in 2019

By Jeffrey Bradbury / 06/11/2019 /
WordPress Podcasting Plugins

Here is a list of 8 of the top WordPress Podcasting Plugins for Educational Podcasters and Website Developers.

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