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ISTE 2018

2gnoMe LIVE from ISTE 2018

2gnoMe: Creating a Personalized Learning Platform for Teachers based on Data-Driven Technology Standards.


This year at ISTE, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ilya Zeldin, CEO of a fantastic company called 2gnōME.  An award-winning company, 2gnōME is a technology platform that provides personalized learning plans for teachers based on their skills, strengths, and gaps.

zSpace from ISTE 2018

zSpace brings it’s AR / VR platform to the mobile student this year!


zSpace is a powerful AR/VR platform that allows students to harness the power of creativity to get a very unique hands-on experience like anything I have ever seen in the edtech space.

Square Panda ISTE 2018

Square Panda brings adaptive learning to young learners and early readers on a multi-platform extremely awesome platform!


Are you looking to find the perfect solution to create a personalized learning experience for your young reader?  Learn about Square Panda Today!

ISTE 2018 Wrap Up

Should education come to tech … or should tech come to education?


In this episode, we take a look at the ISTE Conference by asking each other the question: “What is the value of educational technology in the classroom?”

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Microsoft Education and Flipgrid Podcast from ISTE 2018

Learn what 20,000 educators were talking about this year at the @MicrosoftEDU booth during the ISTE conference.


On this episode of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Spotlight Series Podcast, we are LIVE from the ISTE Conference from Chicago Illinois.  I had the opportunity to learn about what is happening today with Microsoft Education with two great conversations with members of the Microsoft Education team.

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