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Beyond the Hour of Code

Coding for K12: A useful teaching tool for all teachers

By Sam Patterson / 07/31/2018 / 0 Comments
Making Code in Classes Mandatory

What is code is doing in our classes, and how can we, as teachers, respond to the public pressure to code in a way that serves our highest pedagogical goals?

Creating Authentic Learning Experiences through #Programming and @Arduino

By Sam Patterson / 04/07/2018 / 0 Comments
Authentic Learning Experiences through Programming

In this episode of Beyond the Hour of Code I share some of the projects I am currently working on to develop my own skills and confidence.

Teaching Programming to our PreReaders: How can Coding Teach Students to Read?

By Sam Patterson / 03/30/2018 / 0 Comments
Teaching Reading through Coding

Ever since I discovered that my pre-reading students could code using leveled apps like Kodable and The Foos, as well as open studio apps like Scratch Jr, I have worked to figure out how this fun and engaging challenge could be linked to literacy instruction.

Looking for a fun way to use Robots in Makerspaces? Here is a lesson design guide for you!

By Sam Patterson / 03/22/2018 / 0 Comments
Using Robots in your Elementary Makerspace

Learning with robots through programming and group work is a very kinesthetic form of learning. Understanding the roles a robot can play will help you design engaging and meaningful lesson.

What can we Teach Through Coding and Programming Activities?

By Sam Patterson / 03/22/2018 / 0 Comments
What can we teach through Coding and Programming

Welcome to episode 2 of Beyond the Hour of Code, a podcast to help teachers do great work. In this episode, we take on a couple of the big ideas we need to use code the best way possible for our elementary students.

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