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How Do You Morph Two Images Together In Apple Keynote?

By Sam Patterson / 12/05/2018 /
Using Apple Keynote to Morph Two Objects

In this Apple Keynote video tutorial, you will learn how to morph two different animals together to create a new species that young children will enjoy.

STEAM is Intimidating!

By Sam Patterson / 11/14/2018 /
STEAM is Intimidating

I’m just going to start with an unsubstantiated statement: STEAM/ STEM is used more by marketers than teachers. what they hope you don’t notice is that this label is usually just slapped on the bundled gee gaw of simple experiments that are relatively unchanged in the last 70 years. I am the STEAM coordinator for…

7 steps for Inspiring Creativity in Young Makers

By Sam Patterson / 09/23/2018 /
Inspiring Creativity

Keeping My Assumptions in Check In my STEAMspace at Echo Horizon school, we support empowered innovative learners by asking students to make many of their own decisions, even with our youngest makers. When I started teaching my youngest students I had to keep my own assumptions in check and make sure I was giving them…

3 Great Ideas for Your Elementary Makerspace that will be a HIT with Young Students!

By Sam Patterson / 09/16/2018 /
3 Great Ideas for Your Elementary Makerspace that will be a HIT with Young Students!

In my Makerspace, I get to work with grades PreK-6. This means that each week I am prepping for a wide range of abilities and interests, and I work hard to make sure my youngest makers get lessons that are just as amazing as my most mature students. Don’t dumb down ideas for younger kids,…

STEM Education and Children With Special Needs

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer / 07/18/2018 /
STEM For Special Education

STEM education that’s driven by a learner-centered instruction can be used to provide students with a powerful educational program. In order for students to be successful, however, they must find ways to thrive in active, hands-on learning environments; this is especially true for students with learning disabilities. That’s because these students often have problems and…

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