Create A Custom Hall or Press Pass With Our Google Slides Template!

This year, I am excited to be working with some amazing middle school students to create a brand-new Broadcast Journalism program.  Everything about this position is new and has to be built from scratch.

One of the things that I am creating for my students is a Press Pass that will allow them to not just get out of class to participate in our broadcasts and video assignments, but really feel a part of the program.

Just like we talk about digital badges, the physical badge to a student helps them show a sense of belonging and create a sense of pride for their programs.

How Do You Create Your Own Hallway or Press Passes?

To get started creating our Press Passes, I started with a blank Google Slides file. From here, I created both a vertical and horizontal version of our press pass.  The final result of this project will be customized to include the student's name, photo, homeroom, and our school logo.

Student Activities

Are you interested in creating custom Press Passes for your students?  If so, this is a great template to adjust for your own school and then distribute to your class through Google Classroom and invite them to customize their own passes for you to print out when finished.

Download Your Custom Template Today!

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