How to Create Dynamic Charts and Graphs using Google Sheets to Analyze Data from Google Forms

Do you have data in a Google Form that you would like to analyze so you can create a Data Dashboard using Google Sheets?

In this episode of Tech Coach weekly, we will show you how to export your Google Forms data into a Google Sheets project and then walk you through the steps of creating a variety of Charts and Graphs so you can quickly see and analyze your data.

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Learn How to Create Dynamic Charts and Graphs using Google Sheets

Video Time Stamps

  • 00:00 - Start
  • 00:48 - How to Look at Google Forms Results Data
  • 01:37 - Export Data into Google Sheets
  • 02:11 - How to Create a NEW Google Sheet for your Data
  • 02:56 - How to resize multiple Columns in Google Sheets
  • 03:31 - How to Format Column Headers in Google Sheets
  • 03:47 - How to add a Boarder in Google Sheets
  • 04:21 - How to Create a Chart in Google Sheets
  • 04:46 - How to Create a 3D Chart in Google Sheets
  • 05:29 - How to Create a Bar Chart in Google Sheets
  • 07:01 - Final Wrap-up and Review

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