Learn how Google Slides can Create Awesome Animation Projects!

I am a big fan of Google Slides because it is such a flexible platform. I can set-up sequential lessons, build spaces for reflection as we as process-based work. When I first heard about creating animations in google slides I had to try it out.

Check out this great video and then give it a shot.

You can create classic cell by cell animations in Google slide and use the auto-play slideshow to share them with your audience.  You can embed it in a web page, or use it ask part of a presentation.  This nifty trick means you can put animation anywhere there is a web browser.  Enjoy the video and share your animations below

Links to the finished project:

As Published at 1 FPSdvs


On this link, the delay has been modified to create a rate of 12 FPS


Are you inspired yet? Post a link in the comments to your animations and I will collect them here.

With simple backgrounds, students can create animations of a process, like the digestive process. They could animate the water cycle. Almost any chart or report could be developed into an animation. How could you role animation into your class routine? With Google Slides you can do it without learning a new tool.

About the author, Sam

Sam is Makerspace coordinator at Echo Horizon School, the nicest little school on Los Angeles' West Side. In the classroom since '02 Sam has taught grades PreK-12. Every lesson is a writing lesson.

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