@Crescerance: Mobile App Development for Students of all Ages featuring @S_Bearden

Alefiya Bhatia and Susan Bearden sit down with TeacherCast to discuss why MAD-Learn from Crescerance is simply the BEST platform for school districts and students to create mobile apps.

MAD-Learn stands for Mobile Apple Development and frankly, you will be MAD not to check it out.  In fact, if you were one of the lucky ones at ISTE this year, you might have been handed a token worth a FREE class set for their awesome app development system.

What Can You Design using MAD-Learn?

One of the big announcements that came out of ISTE this year was the launching of my second mobile app called Educational Podcasting Today.  This amazing new app is designed exclusively using MAD-Learn.  If you are interested in learning more about Podcasting or WordPress then you should check out EPT in the app store of your choice.

If you have yet to check out the new Educational Podcasting Today App, it is FANTASTIC! https://www.teachercast.net/eptapp.

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