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SchoolTube: Video Tutorial

SchoolTube: A Complete Audio, Video, and Screencasting Tutorial for K12 Classrooms

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 01/18/2021

SchoolTube is an interactive and digital video solution for K-12 classrooms that provides teachers a safe and secure teaching environment for hybrid lessons.

Blog Post: The Best Reasons To Start A Podcast or Blog in 2021

6 Simple Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog or Podcast This Year

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 01/03/2021

Are you thinking about creating a new blog or starting a podcast? In this post, we will take a look at the reasons why you should take the jump this year!

StreamYard: A Complete Tutorial for Teachers

StreamYard: A Teachers Guide to Live Broadcasting … The Easy Way

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 12/15/2020

In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we take a look at StreamYard, a live streaming application that is simple and FREE!

Microsoft Stream: Video Tutorial

An Introduction To Microsoft Stream: Your School Districts Personalized and Private Video Sharing Platform

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 11/28/2020

Microsoft Stream is a complete internal video solution for Microsoft 365 classrooms. Learn how to use Stream in your classroom today!

Live Streaming Video: 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Started Today!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 05/31/2020

Are you interested in promoting your digital content through live streaming video? Learn my 10 thoughts on why you should get started today!

Educational Podcasting Microphone Review

6 Podcasting Microphones … But Which is Best For Your Podcast?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 12/15/2019

Are you looking to bring audio and video podcasts into your classroom? Check out our review of our six favorite podcasting microphones today!

Downloadable FREE TEMPLATE Create Your Own Hallway and Press Passes

Create A Custom Hall or Press Pass With Our Google Slides Template!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 12/08/2019

Download our FREE Google Slides template to create customized Press Passes or Hallway Passes for your students or Broadcast Journalism program today!

Email Marketing 101: 5 Tips for Success

5 Tips for Email Marketing Success To Help You Grow Your Podcast

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 10/27/2019

Learn 5 things you need to consider when planning out your Email Marketing and Newsletter campaigns.

Email Marketing 101: Optin Forms and Landing Pages

How To Use Optin Forms and Landing Pages To Grow Your Email List

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 10/27/2019

Learn how Landing Pages and Website Opt-in forms can be used to help create a segmented email list for your blog, podcast, or website.

Email Marketing 101: Creating a Content Strategy

How To Create a Winning Content Strategy For Your Podcast Email Newsletter

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 10/27/2019

In this segment from a recent TeacherCast Webinar hosted by Jeff Bradbury, we look at several ways to create a focused Content Strategy for your blog, podcast, or website.

Email Marketing 101: How To Create Your Customer Avatar and Client Profile

How To Create An Effective Client Profile For Your Podcast

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 10/27/2019

In this clip from a recent TeacherCast Webinar hosted by Jeff Bradbury, you will learn the importance of creating a detailed Client Profile and why you should have an Avatar in mind BEFORE you create any content.

Spreaker Studio Now Fully Supports Chrome OS

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 09/30/2019

Students and Teachers can now take advantage of Spreaker Studio in the classroom as it recently announced the arrival of Chrome OS Support.

8 Simple Educational Podcasting Activities for Students

8 Simple Podcasting Projects That You Can Do With Your Students

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 08/25/2019

Are you looking for a way to create deeper engagement between your students and your content area this year? In this post, we take a look at 8 simple ways that Educational Podcasts can be used to create more meaningful lessons in your classrooms.

How To Create An LLC For Your Educational Podcast or Small Business

How To Create An LLC For Your Educational Podcast

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 07/08/2019

Do you need to create an LLC for your educational podcast or small business? Let's take a look at the easy process of creating a Limited Liability Company.

Podcasting With Students Launch Announcement

TeacherCast Launches New Experience to Help Teachers Bring Podcasting into the Classroom!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/21/2019

Do you want to start an Educational Podcast with your students this year? Learn how to Plan, Organize, Record, Edit, and Launch your own Podcast with Students Today!