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7 Student Podcasting Activities

7 Great Student Podcasting Activities using Synth in the Classroom

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/08/2019

Are you looking to introduce audio/video podcasts into your curriculum this year? Here are 7 great classroom podcasting activities!

Submit Podcast to Stitcher Radio

How To Submit Your Podcast To Stitcher Radio

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/08/2019

In this post, we take a look at how you can submit your podcast to the Stitcher Radio Platform.

Apple Podcast Submission Directions

How To Submit Your Podcast to the Apple Podcasts Directory

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/07/2019

Learn how to submit your podcast to the Apple Podcast Directory by following these simple steps. For more information:

5 Paragraph Essay Podcasting Lesson Plan

Turn Your Traditional 5-Paragraph Essay Into An Interactive Podcast!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/06/2019

Learn how to transform the traditional 5-paragraph essay into an educational podcast using Synth!

Why Should Students Be Podcasting in the Classroom

What is the Educational Value of Podcasting with Students?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/01/2019

With more teachers bringing educational podcasts in to their classrooms have you ever thought “What is the Educational Value of Podcasting with Students?”

Podcasting Editorial Calendar Download

Podcasting Editorial Calendar (Download Your Free Template Today!)

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/01/2019

Are you looking to keep track of your blog posts and podcasts? With this Editorial Calendar Template from TeacherCast, you will be able to keep track of all of your digital and downloadable content in one simple Google Sheet!

7 Reasons To Create an Email List

7 Reasons Why You Need To Build An Email List for Your Educational Podcast or Website

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/01/2019

Learn why creating an email list is the best way to support yourself as a blogger or educational podcaster – TeacherCast Educational Network

7 Fantastic Educational Podcasts

7 Great Educational Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2019!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/01/2019

There are dozens of educational podcasts and podcasters popping up in the educational field.  Here is a list of some of the tried and true, and fully tested podcasts that are great for you and your ride to work.

FREE SEO Friendly Podcasting Show Notes

FREE Podcast Show Notes Template that Attracts Listeners and Converts Subscribers!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/01/2019

The TeacherCast FREE SEO Friendly Educational Podcasting Show Notes is the best resource for helping Google Search find your podcast to help you grow your podcast today!

Synth Best in Class Award

Learn why Synth is the Perfect FREE Application for Teachers who want to bring Audio and Video Podcasting into their Classrooms.

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 06/01/2019

Are you interested in having your students create audio or video podcasts this year? Learn why Synth is the best application for your classroom today!

Podcaster Spotlight 2018

4 New Podcasters to Check Out and Subscribe To in 2018!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 05/30/2019

Do you have a passion for podcasting but don't know where to start? These four podcasters just launched amazing shows and you can too! |

Speakpipe Walkthrough

SpeakPipe: How To Setup A Voice Mail For Your Educational Podcast

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 05/30/2019

Speakpipe is an online voice recorder that allows you to create an online voice message system for your podcast, blog, or classroom. | TeacherCast

WireCast for Beginners Video Series

WireCast for Beginners Video Series: An Introduction To Live Broadcasting and Video Streaming

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 05/29/2019

In this three-part online course, we showcase the brand new Wirecast Version 9 from Telestream. In this series, you will learn how to set up Wirecast to stream LIVE video from your school, church, or organization to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, or other CDN's. –

Camtasia 2019 Best in Class Award

TechSmith Launches Camtasia 2019: A Complete Video Recording And Editing Solution For Content Creators

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 05/29/2019

Are you looking for a fantastic application to edit your video tutorials and podcasts? TechSmith just released Camtasia 2019 with a ton of great new features!

Padcaster Review

Padcaster: Educational Podcasting Equipment Review

By Jeffrey Bradbury | 05/28/2019

The Padcaster is an all in one solution for anyone looking to turn their iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices into mobile professional video studios.

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