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How To Choose a WordPress Theme

11 Tips and Tricks That You Should Consider When Selecting Your Next WordPress Theme

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 20, 2019

Learn more than 10 essential tips and tricks to plan your next big website redesign and relaunch to get you the desired results you need from your new website.

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How to add Amazon to New Google Sites

How to Add a Music Playlist to Google Sites

By Nick Amaral | Jan 2, 2019

Learn how to embed a playable Amazon music playlist into a new Google Site webpage to stream audio directly from your website.

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Revive Old Post Best in Class Award

WordPress Plugin Review: Revive Old Post – Simply the best Social Media Plugin for Bloggers and Podcasters! | @ReviveSocial

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Jun 6, 2018

Revive Old Post is simply a very simple, lightweight, and dependable plugin that is one of my “must have” plugins one creating websites. Read our full WordPress Plugin Review on TeaherCast today!

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TeacherCast Editorial Calendar

Free Podcasting Editorial Calendar: Keep Track of your Blog Posts and Podcasts with this Downloadable Spreadsheet

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Jun 3, 2018

Are you looking to keep track of your blog posts and podcasts? With this Editorial Calendar Template from TeacherCast, you will be able to keep track of all of your digital and downloadable content in one simple Google Sheet!

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Add Padlet comments to New Google Sites

How to add a blog or comments box in New #GoogleSites using @Padlet

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 17, 2018

When working with New Google Sites, there are two questions that consistently come up from both teachers and web developers.  The first question, is “How do I create a blog in New Google Sites?” The second question is often “How can I teach Digital Citizenship by adding a Comments Section at the bottom of New Google Sites?”  Luckily, the answer to these two questions is pretty simple…  just use Padlet! 

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Video Tutorial: New Google Sites for Beginners

How to Teach Your Students “New” Google Sites

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 5, 2018

As teachers become more and more accustomed to using New Google Sites as their website platform of choice, it's important to not forget that our students can easily use this essential application for their projects. – TeacherCast Educational Network

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WordPress Blubrry Plugin

WordPress #Plugin Review: @Blubrry PowerPress – #WordPress Podcasting Made Simple!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 1, 2018

In this post, we are going to look deeply into this second question and learn how to create a digital space for your podcast to live and be found by people worldwide and most important… by Google.

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4 Important Questions to ask about wordPress

4 important questions to ask when considering #WordPress

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 1, 2018

The simple fact that WordPress can be a blog, newspaper, pinboard, video screen, live broadcasting CMS or an “iPad-Like” front door to a Multi-Word-Pressed Educational Universe serves as a great starting point for any educator, school, or district.

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How to setup and configure Blubrry PowerPress Plugin

Learn How to connect your #Podcast on your #WordPress Website using Blubrry PowerPress Plugin

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 9, 2018

Learn how to install and properly setup the BluBrry PowerPress plugin and set your WordPress Website up for Podcasting.

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WordPress Commenting Plugin

Which Commenting Plugin runs your WordPress Podcasting Website?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 2, 2018

Choosing which plugin to control your WordPress comments is one of the most important choices you can make when building your website. – TeacherCast

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Audio and Video Plugins

15 WordPress Audio and Video Plugins for Podcasters

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 2, 2018

If you are a. podcaster, it's important to choose the right plugin for your brand and platform. Here are our most trusted plugins for podcasters.

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First Plugins to Start a Blog

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Start Your Own #WordPress Blog

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 2, 2018

It isn't easy to create your own blog using WordPress… and do it correctly the first time. Here is a list of our most trusted plugins for the new blogger.

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