New Google Add-on Allows Gmail Users To Save Emails Directly To Evernote

If you are anything like me, you have a few places that you look to every day to keep your digital life organized.  In my TeacherCast University course, Stop … Drop … and Get Organized, I love teaching teachers how to use Gmail and it's many archiving features to trim down their inboxes into manageable labels.  However, this week, a brand new digital partnership was launched that will help users not just save important emails but put the most important communications alongside your most important documents.

Gmail … meet … Evernote!

What is Evernote?

In case you haven't heard of Evernote, it is one of the most useful digital tools that you can have on your organizational team.  I have been using Evernote since 2012 and I use it from everything to basic document storing, to web clipping, to even podcasting.

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What Are Google Drive Add-ons?

A few years ago, Google Drive and it's other companion applications were relaunched with the ability to add extensions or “add-ons” to their features.  In this case, Evernote now has the ability to connect into your Gmail account and provide a new location to store your emails.

How Do You Install the Evernote Add-on?

Evernote for Gmail Add-on ScreenAccording to the Evernote website, this feature can be used to backup your Gmail messages both on your desktop computer and on your mobile devices.

To use Evernote for Gmail, you must first install the add-on. You can do so from the G Suite Marketplace or by following the steps below.
  1. Open your inbox at
  2. Click the plus (+) symbol in the add-on section to the right of your messages list.
  3. Type “Evernote” in the Marketplace search bar.
  4. Click Evernote for Gmail, then click the blue Install button.
After installation, the Evernote icon will automatically appear in your add-on section. You may need to refresh your inbox if you don’t see the add-on right away.

How Do You Use the Add-on?

Once installed, you will see the green Evernote icon on the right side of your Gmail application.  Once you open up an email, you will see a window pop up asking where you would like to have your emails saved.
Evernote for Gmail Add-on Screen

Why is This Feature So Awesome?

As a power user of both Gmail and Evernote, I am excited about this feature because it allows me to continue using Evernote not just for projects, but to hold EVERYTHING about a project.  In the past, (and even currently) Evernote gives you a customized email address where you can forward the email to be saved in your Evernote, but things with this system were quite bulky.  The email would be saved into Evernote, but you then would have to go in and refile it in its proper location.  With this new Add-on, everything is taken care of from the first button and you never have to worry about anything again.

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Are you an Evernote user? I'd love to hear what you think about this much-needed feature that is now available to all users.  Please take a moment and leave a comment in the messages box below.

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