Teach Your Students About The Weather With Our FREE Google Slides Weather Forecast Template

  • Would you like your students to create a weather forecast video?
  • Are you looking for an interactive activity that will give your students confidence in giving presentations online?

In this post, we will take a look at our new 7-Day Weather Forecast Google Slides template and show you how you can use it with your students this year.

Let's Talk About The Weather

For the last five years as a tech coach, I have had the opportunity to help science classes in all grade levels learn about the weather.  Teaching students about the world around them is vital for a well-rounded curriculum and is something that will help students learn how to communicate with their outside world.

But have you ever asked your students to GIVE the weather?

This year in my Broadcast Journalism class, we are working with our new green screen to create simple videos that will be published for our school community.  One of the activities students will be asked to do is to write a script for a 5 or 7-day weather forecast and present it on video.

How To Use This Template

Once you sign up for our FREE Template, you will receive an email with directions to download it directly into your Google Drive.  From this point, you can adjust anything on the slide deck using Google Slides Master Slides (Slides - Edit Master).

Customizable items include fonts, colors, graphics, and text.

On the last two slides, you will find a series of weather graphics that can be copy/pasted into the 5-Day Forecast slide.

Lesson Plan Ideas

This Google Slides template was created with the Broadcast Journalism teacher in mind.  If you happen to have a green screen or video recording equipment, students will have a great time standing in front of the green screen giving the weekly weather report on camera.

If you want to go a bit low tech, simply invite your students to create a screencast using an application such as Screencastify to record their weather forecast.  These videos can then be embedded on your Google Site for sharing with your school community.

Another great idea is to invite students to use this template in the middle of a separate presentation deck that you might be using to teach about the weather.

In Conclusion

One of the wonderful things about being a middle school teacher is the ability to create projects such as the 7-Day Weather Forecast template and share with you and your students. If you are working with audio or video and this template can be useful in your classroom, please feel free to download and let us know what you think about the template by sending us a tweet or leaving a comment below on this blog post.

I hope you and your students enjoy this template.  If you have an idea for another template that we can create for you, please don' t hesitate to reach out.

Downloadable Google Slides Weather Template Trigger

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