Getting Started Using Microsoft Teams

Are you looking to take your school district or a future project to the next level?

Are you looking for the perfect application that is simple enough to quickly get started with, but robust enough to have powerful integrations with many of your favorite applications?

Let me introduce you to my new business partner … Microsoft Teams! 

Today we are going to help you get started using Microsoft Teams for your next project!

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communications platform that allows you to create a unified workspace where you can share ideas, communicate through chat, organize your files, integrate your Office 365 files and so much more.


Microsoft Teams allows users to create private and community chat messages to keep everyone on the same page throughout the project.  No longer is there a need to worry about long email threads with lengthy CC and BCC text to sort through.  With Teams, everything is in the spot that you need it to be at all times.


With Microsoft Teams, you can create a workspace that is customized for our project.  It's easy to add Office 365 files, One Notes or even Skype conversations.

Constantly With You

One of my favorite aspects of Microsoft Teams is that it works wherever I am.  No matter if I'm on Windows, Mac, Tablet, or Mobile, the Teams experience is extremely robust and functional.

By the Numbers

In March, Microsoft Teams celebrated it's 2-year-old birthday.

According to their recent blog post:

Are you using Microsoft Teams?

How Do I Get Started With Microsoft Teams?

Understanding the Microsoft Teams Dashboard

How Do I Add Team Members and Channels?

What Else Can You Do In Teams?

The videos above are just the start of our new video series showcasing how to use Microsoft Teams.  We will be updating this blog post as additional videos are created.

For More Information?

In Conclusion

To be honest, when it comes to Microsoft Teams, I'm really just scratching the surface of what it can really do.  It is for this reason why I'm excited to be creating this video series with the help of two amazing Microsoft Innovative Educators, Jenni Long and Salleé Clark.  Check out the great things they are doing and don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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