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This year at ISTE 2017, I had the pleasure of sitting down with, the nations leader in helping school districts teach students technology skills.  For the last 18 years, has been partnering with school district to provide award winning curriculum in key subjects such as Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Coding, and Programming.

With more than 5 million students actively using the cloud based platform, provides a simple solution for students and teachers to become partners in learning.  It's more true now than ever that with an ever changing technology landscape and evolving digital curriculum that teachers are struggling to keep up with the skills they need to provide high quality lessons for their students.  This is where takes over.

With an average cost of $7/student, now is a great time to bring into your school. Click To Tweet

By using the platform, teachers can select from cloud based modules organized into grade bands.  Lessons are presented as animations and simulations that tie into a schools current curriculum through project based learning lessons.  If time is of concern when bringing these lessons into the classroom, also has a self-paced option where students can learn on their own time outside of the classroom.

With an average cost of $7 dollars per student, now is a great opportunity to bring into your K-8 curriculum.  For more information, please check out today.


By 2020, it is estimated that nearly 80% of jobs will require some level of technology proficiency. We live in a digital society. Students must be given the opportunity to learn and develop digital literacy skills – starting as early as Kindergarten. From keyboarding and word processing, to coding and computational thinking, digital literacy skills are needed more than ever. makes it easy to teach students the critical digital literacy skills they must have to succeed.

About our Guest

Keith Oelrich has been a pioneer in the K-12 online education market for the past 15 years. During that time, he has served as CEO of several companies which have collectively provided K-12 online education programs to thousands of districts, tens of thousands of schools, and millions of students and their families. Keith was previously the Founder and CEO of Insight Schools. Insight Schools operates one of the nation’s leading networks of full-time, diploma-granting online public high schools, and is now a subsidiary of K12, Inc. Prior to founding Insight Schools, Keith was the President and CEO of KC Distance Learning (KCDL), where he operated the largest private online high school in the United States. Before joining KCDL, Keith was the President and CEO of Apex Learning, a leading virtual high school company founded by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen.

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