How to Write a Good Email Signature so others will Notice You

Email … we can't get away from it.  It's the most important form of communication we have as educators.  We email our coworkers, we email our students … we even email our bosses.

Sometimes we take for granted the little things.  Sometimes we assume too much from our readers.  I was recently having a conversation with Tech Coaches from across the country and we noticed that we were all passionate about the topic of email and specifically the little blurbs that appear (or don't appear) at the end of emails.

Why use an email signature?

An email signature is a common feature of all digital messaging clients.  It's used to provide users a common salutation that they don't have to write after every email.  This also gives users a nice place to learn a bit more about the sender of the email.  In education, there are several reasons to have a nice email signature.  For some, it's to share a website and for others, it's to provide access to an office phone number.

It must be said that the most important thing to consider when creating an email signature is your audience.  Your email signature isn't about “you” but more so, it's about “them” … your audience.

What should be included in your email signature?

Here is a simple suggestion for your email signature to not only show your professionalism but to help those who may be interested in contacting or locating you throughout the day.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number and Extension
  • School Building and Room Number
  • Website Address

Don't forget to check your pocket

While you are checking your email signature in Gmail, Outlook or your favorite emailing client, don't forget to check out the email signature section of your favorite email app on your mobile device.  Often the apps on your mobile device offer an additional location to set up your email signature.

We would love to hear from you

What are your thoughts about email signatures? Are they vital pieces of information at the end of your most valuable correspondences, or just one more thing for your audience to skim over and ignore?


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