3 Great Features of Google Classrooms for Teachers in 2018

Here are several ways that Google Classroom can help you create engaging lessons with your students while at the same time helping you be as efficient as possible.

Share Your Class Code

Google ClassroomIn the student’s tab, you will see a new feature under the class code section.  In the past, teachers would copy down their unique class code, create a Google Slide and project it on the board.  This summer, Google Classroom launched a new feature where teachers can display their class code in a similar format.  Simply click on the “three-dots” or “snowman” next to the class code and select DISPLAY to share your code on the board.

Add Topics

Google ClassroomOne feature that often gets overlooked is “Add Topics.” Topics can be set up in several ways to help you organize your Classroom stream and assist your students in finding what they need quickly. Here are two suggested ways of using the Add Topics feature.

  • Set up topics by what type of assignment you are working on. Example: Test, Quiz, Homework
  • Create topics based on where you are in the curriculum. Example: Chapter 1, Project, Lab

At this point, you can only select one Topic per post so it’s important to come up with the best system for your class during the first few days of school.

Create an interactive Do-Now by asking a Question

Many teachers have found great success by creating assignments and announcements in Google Classroom, but did you know that you can also create short-answer or multiple choice questions?  One of the best ways of using Google Classroom is by providing a Do-Now question or assignment as students enter the classroom.

Google Classroom

One of the best parts of these questions is, like the assignments and announcements, you can set up this type of interaction days before the class period, or very quickly if the moment calls for a quick check for understanding.  Just like it’s counterparts, the Question option provides the opportunity for teachers to attach files from Google Drive, YouTube Videos, or Links to other curricular assignments.

Google Classroom

Once a student completes the formative assessment, it will be recorded as DONE so the teacher can see who still may be working on the assignment.

What is your Favorite Feature of Google Classroom?

As the school year gets underway, I would love to learn how you are using Google Classroom with your students. Please leave a comment below and share your success stories.

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