How To Use Optin Forms and Landing Pages To Grow Your Email List

Are you not getting the best conversion rate from your Email Forms, Optins or Landing Pages?

In this recent TeacherCast Webinar hosted by Jeff Bradbury, we take look at several examples of how Landing Pages and Website Opt-in forms can be used to help create a segmented email list for your blog, podcast, or website.

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Topics Include

  • (00:01) What are Optin Forms?
  • (00:28) Homepage Optin Form Psychology
  • (01:37) Sidebar Opt-in Forms
  • (01:57) What should your Sidebar Look Like?
  • (02:16) How to construct a sidebar Email Newsletter form
  • (04:12) Creating Naked Blog Post Forms
  • (04:43) Bottom of Blog Post Forms
  • (05:30) Using Premade Forms from your Email Marketing Company
  • (05:55) Creating customized Landing Pages on your website

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About the author, Jeffrey Bradbury

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