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What is the impact of student empowerment and technology on learning outcomes? | @SMART_Tech

SMART Technologies - ISTE 2017

This year at the ISTE conference, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Angela Maiers, Vicky Davis, Lord Jim Knight, Tina Photakis, and Jeff Lowe to discuss how student empowerment leads towards positive and engaging student outcomes.

This very special panel discussion was put together from the team at SMART Technologies. Our goal was to have an open discussion with engaging thought leaders on this very important topic.

Topics Discussed

  • Can empowerment and technology together create better outcomes for students and educators?
  • What are some examples of student empowerment that have had a positive change in learning outcomes?
  • What strategies can teachers use to create student empowerment in their classrooms?
  • How has student empowerment created political change worldwide?
  • How does Technology play a part in empowering students and inspiring greatness in them?
  • How can technology companies best support teachers and students?
  • Why is there a continued focus on schools adopting technology?
  • How do you see the role of technology and empowerment impacting educational outcomes in the near future?

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