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Immersive Reader

Microsoft Education and Canvas Bring Immersive Reader to Millions of Students Worldwide

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Nov 1, 2019
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Microsoft Learning Consultants

How Can Microsoft Learning Consultants Help Your District By Providing FREE Training Opportunities and 1:1 Support?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 12, 2019
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Microsoft Teams and OneNote Podcast

Using Microsoft Teams and OneNote for Professional Development

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 4, 2019
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Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid

How can Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid be used to create an AMAZING Digital Classroom for mobile learning?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Sep 19, 2018
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Microsoft OneNote

Learn how Microsoft @OneNoteEDU can organize your digital classroom | @MicrosoftEDU

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Mar 6, 2018
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Microsoft OneNote

10 Ways to use @OneNoteEDU to keep you organized

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 8, 2018
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Microsoft Education

Should Your School Adopt @MicrosoftEDU as your Instructional Technology Platform?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 6, 2018
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Microsoft YouthSpark

Microsoft YouthSpark: Creating opportunities to learn Coding and Programming for Millions of Students Worldwide

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Sep 25, 2017
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Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella: Microsoft CEO's Vision for Education Speech

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Sep 22, 2017
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Closing the Gender Gap

Closing the STEM Gender Gap: One Classroom at a Time

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Sep 21, 2017
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Microsoft School Data Sync

Device Deployment and Data Syncing with Microsoft Data Sync | @MicrosoftEDU

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Sep 20, 2017
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Minecraft Education

The Definitive Podcast About Minecraft Education Edition featuring @PlayCraftLearn @MicrosoftEDU

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Sep 14, 2017
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Microsoft Innovative Educator: Spotlight Series Podcast

Looking for a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for your next event ?

Google for Education Innovator
Google for Education Trainer
Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
TEDx Speaker
Microsoft Surface Classroom Pro
ASCD Emerging Leader

Microsoft Education: LIVE from the ISTE Conference