Is Your Mathematics Curriculum Meeting the Needs of ALL Your Students?

Is your school district looking to increase students knowledge of core mathematics concepts? Recently, I sat down with Sara Delano Moore, the Vice President for Content and Research fat ORIGO Education to learn about their brand new Stepping Stones 2.0 curriculum.

ORIGO Education is a leading provider of elementary math solutions from Pre-K to Grade 6 committed to helping make learning mathematics meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible to all students and their teachers. Covering all facets of elementary mathematics education from traditional printed products to digital interactive resources and professional learning throughout the world, ORIGO currently supports elementary teachers across 14 countries.

What Does ORIGO Offer Teachers?

One of the robust features of Stepping Stones are the Teacher resources which feature printable teacher guides that provide everything needed to engage students throughout the curriculum. Each lesson comes with a four-step process for teaching the resources as well as clearly outlined directions to support teacher preparation.

  • Step 1: Preparing the Lesson
  • Step 2: Starting the Lesson
  • Step 3: Teaching the Lesson
  • Step 4: Reflecting on their Work

Additionally, each lesson is supplemented by additional activities that promote small group differentiation and activities for maintaining concepts and skills.

In addition to the printed guide, Stepping Stones 2.0 features an online center where teachers can access all teacher and student content which allows users to view both teacher and student resources as well as find additional supplemental materials to teach and project the lessons to students in the classroom allowing the differentiation of instruction to meet individual student needs and ability levels.

What does ORIGO Offer Students?

In Stepping Stones 2.0, students have access to a variety of tools and activities to learn mathematics. The student materials found in Stepping Stones 2.0 is very user-friendly, brightly colored and able to adapt to any student learning level. Students are provided a two-volume “journal” to work through the material and document their learning throughout the school year.

Origo Student Materials

Supporting Pre-K Students

ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre-K is a comprehensive curriculum that prepares children to be adaptive, productive thinkers, lifelong learners, and innovative members of society. This program gives young children the best possible preparation for their years of learning and using mathematics. ORIGO Stepping Stones Pre-K prepares students on their journey to kindergarten readiness by:

  • Providing vocabulary-rich learning activities where each child can acquire mathematics in a natural, social, and non-threatening way
  • Offering play-based and arts-integrated activities where children acquire the mathematical concepts necessary to excel in higher elementary grades
  • Providing social and emotional support to ensure a community-based learning environment is cultivated

Supporting Teachers through Professional Development

Adopting any new curriculum is a difficult task that involves planning, roll-out, teacher buy-in and classroom monitoring.  ORIGO supports school districts by providing a training for teachers in implementing Stepping Stones 2.0. Implementation training is available for both teachers and building leaders and is supported throughout the life of the curriculum adoption process with annual check-ins.

How can Schools Adopt Stepping Stones 2.0?

For more information about Stepping Stones and ORIGO Education, please visit their website and follow them on their social media channels.

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