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What can Educators Learn from FightClub

I want you to hit me as hard as you can. What can we learn from Fight Club?


The scene starts with Brad's character, Tyler Durden, approaches Edwards character, listed only as “The Narrator.”  He says “I want you to hit me as hard as you can.” It is at this point in the movie that I really can't include much of the dialogue in this post due to the nature of the conversation, but let us just agree that there is a little physical struggle between the two characters.

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Time to Save the Princess

Are you prepared to save the Princess? How can you change your future with only 15 seconds?


Whenever anything bad happens in the world … wherever trouble can be found …  the good guys always find a way to win.

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Time to Lose Yourself In the Moment - The Second 15 Seconds

How can you possibly screw up the second most important 15 seconds of your life?


We know that for many of us, we have only 60 seconds to make an impression.  The first 15 are all about getting your audience's attention and bringing them into your conversation.  The next 15 seconds are not about connecting them with you … rather it's about you connecting with them.

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The most important 15 seconds.

It's just the most important 15 seconds of your life … are you ready for it?


If you had 15 seconds to change your life… would you know what to do with it? In this post we discuss that key moment in your career that could make the difference of a lifetime.

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Teaching an Art or Science

Is teaching an Art or a Science?


Is teaching an art or a science?  Are we talking about teaching, meaning the act of standing in front of a group of students and expounding information? Or are we talking about the profession that we know today as education?  Are we referring to teaching as the simple instruction in which another acquires knowledge?

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