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2018 Resume Tips and Tricks

How to Write a Resume: 20 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Job Search

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 26, 2018

What is a resume . . . it's the age old question that everyone has an answer for, but yet nobody has the right answer.  Your resume in 2018 looks completely different than it did in 2007 and yet, has the format really changed?

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Preparing for a Keynote Presentation - Jeff Blog

Preparing for a Keynote Address: It's Not About Your Ego

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 24, 2018

How is preparing for a keynote address any different than preparing for a workshop? In this post, we explore several situations where preparation is king.

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Tech Specialists

Why Do Schools Need Educational Technology Specialists?

By Sam Patterson | Feb 16, 2018

With more and more teachers entering the classroom as so called “tech experts” one would imagine that the day will come when we no longer need technology specialists… but is this philosophy really appropriate for our schools and classrooms?

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Project Based Learning Strategies - TeacherCast Guest Blog

5 Strategies for Teaching Project Based Learning

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Dec 17, 2017

How do you teach history? Do you get in front of the class and tell it as it as it…

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School Leadership LiveBinders

Check out these great @LiveBinders to support School Leaders!

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Nov 16, 2017

View hundreds of resources for educational leaders and school administrators in our TeacherCast LiveBinders Gallery.

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