Learn How to Outfit Your Classroom with Dynamic Auto-tracking Cameras to Support Students in All Locations

Let's face it, this past school year was one of many challenges. But out of those challenges comes innovation and each teacher, in their own way, had to be innovative each day to meet the needs of their students both home and away.

No matter if you were teaching in a fully virtual or hybrid classroom, one of the things that we all had in common was the need to successfully instruct our students using video equipment.

No matter if you were on a webcam or document camera, Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom, we all had to navigate to the best of our ability the difficulty of entertaining and educating through the some type of technology medium.

What will the future hold for this type of instruction?

As schools begin to take a step back and discuss and debate those questions, the only consistent answer is that virtual instruction is here and here to stay.

This summer, I teamed up with AVer USA to showcase one possible solution to these questions.

The DL30 Auto Tracking Distance Learning Camera

The DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera is a full HD, 1080p resolution webcam that has a ton of features packed inside of it.  Featuring a 12x optical zoom and both IP and USB outputs, the camera can be used in any hybrid classroom, distance learning, or school office situation.

One of the best features of the DL30 camera is its AI-Powered Human Detection system which automatically recognizes human forms in the classroom and dynamically tracks both them and other important points in the room without the need of wearing special tracking devices on their clothing.

Connecting the DL30 Camera to your Classroom

The DL30 camera is extremely easy to connect in a classroom or conference room.

Using the DL30 in the Classroom

In addition to the AI-Powered Human Detection system, the DL30 camera has two additional features that both teachers and students will enjoy using.

Using the software included with the camera and remote control, teachers can take advantage of the DL30's anti-interference functions which allow the instructor to walk freely around the classroom. This will allow students at home to stay in touch with their teachers.  Teachers will love this feature because they won't need to be teachers to the front of the classroom constantly.

Another excellent feature is the ability to set up zones in the classroom which the camera can automatically turn to such as a whiteboard or projector screen.  In addition to the freedom of classroom mobility, this allows the teacher to have a hands-free instructional period that is optimal for both students in and out of the learning environment.

Learn More about the AVer DL30 Distance Learning Camera

In searching for a great solution to your classroom and school district's video needs, it was great to partner up with AVer USA on this project and learn more about their webcams and document cameras.   If you or your district is looking for additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm happy to get you in touch with the talented team at AVer.

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