Choosing the Best Audio Equipment For Your School using @Califone Products

This year at ISTE 2015, I had the pleasure of reuniting with Tim Ridgway from Califone.  For the last 4 years, Tim has brought some AMAZING products to the TeacherCast theater and this year was certainly no exception.

For the last 3 years, I have created over 300 audio and video broadcasts using Califone headphones.  My “trademark” podcasting setup has included Califone's NC500TFC Headphones line of headphones which are not only very clear to listen to, but VERY comfortable.  The fact that the connecting wire is detachable has saved me several times when the babies have been sitting on my lap trying to rip them off my head.

Why Califone?

Why is Califone an important company to get to know in your school district?  Standardized testing has forced schools and decision makers to completely rethink the way students are taught.  Additionally, many of these tests require students to respond to audio prompts.  The products found on Califone are not only capable of being implemented in your school across all devices, but they are able to be used time and time again… year after year.

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