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TeacherCast Press Kit 2022 by Jeffrey Bradbury

Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers - @AngelaMaiers

“Jeff is an experienced and gifted communicator who generously shares his gifts with the education community through his podcast channel and site, TeacherCast.  Jeff is always positive, encouraging, and vibrant in his interactions with others making them feel at ease on the air and in person. I’d highly recommend Jeff’s podcast to anyone who is passionate about education, leadership, and digital communication.”

Shira Leibowitz - @ShiraLeibowitz

Jeff Bradbury has created a resource for educators of truly remarkable value. From blogs to podcasts, to learning videos, to screencasts, to app reviews, to professional learning resources, TeacherCast has it all. Jeff Bradbury has created more than a web page; he’s created a community of educators serious about professional learning.

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