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Introducing the BEST Chrome Extension for Microsoft Office Users

Office 365 Chrome Extensions

This past week I attended a fantastic session at EdCamp Central Jersey by my friend Bruce Reicher (@breicher) about 10 great (and amazing) things that you can do with Google. One of these simply blew me away.

Over the last few months, I have had the privilege of working with, and training hundreds of teachers and administrators who are trying to make the switch from Office Applications such as Word, Excell, and PowerPoint, to the Google Apps for Education Suite.  This week, I found an amazing tool that will certainly help everyone who is interested in making the digital jump, yet in desperate need to open files natively in Microsoft Office.

Introducing AwesomeDrive

Amongst the thousands of free Google Drive add-ons and Chrome Extensions lies a little-known application called AwesomeDrive. After signing into your Chrome Browser and installing this extension, Google creates a digital handshake with the Microsoft Office applications installed on your computers hard drive.

We all know that Google Drive can upload Word Docs and convert them into Google Docs. But what happens if you are used to using Word or Excel and you wish you have access to your files at any computer AND, you want to have those cloud files open natively in Word and Excel?  AwesomeDrive shows you which files are MSFT compatible by adding an additional icon to your drive.  By clicking on that magical “W” (for Word) Google Drive opens up the documents OUTSIDE of the web browser and runs your computer's version of whatever Microsoft Product is available.


When you work in an educational setting, there are simply times when Google Sheets and Slides will not work for you.  There are times where the tables and formula are in a spreadsheet are never going to seamlessly convert to Google.  By using AwesomeDrive, you never have to worry about this again.

What are you waiting for??? Why not give AwesomeDrive a test DRIVE today? (see what I did there?)

AwesomeDrive Chrome Extension

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