Microsoft Teams Adds Breakout Rooms!


The day educators have waited for all year has finally arrived!  Today, Microsoft has officially launched Breakout Rooms for Microsoft Teams.  The feature is pretty awesome and it's pretty easy to use and set up.

How To Create a Team Breakout Room?

Step 1

To start a breakout room, click on the Breakout rooms icon on the top right of your Teams meeting window.

Start a Teams Breakout Meeting

Step 2

From here, you will see a screen where you have the option of creating any number of Teams Breakout rooms.  You can create up to 50 breakout rooms all in one session.

Manual or Automatic Breakout Rooms

Step 3

Once you have your breakout rooms set up you can adjust any needed sessions and adjust settings.

Adjust Breakout Room Settings

Each breakout room has individual settings that can be adjusted using the 3-dots on the right side.

Adjust breakout room setting

In addition, breakout rooms can be renamed after they are created.

Rename Breakout Rooms

Step 4

Once you have your breakout sessions as you want them, you have the option of adjusting the settings in your overall breakout groups. Note that one of the selections here is to allow students to jump back into the main meeting room.

Adjust Breakout Settings

Adjust Breakout Settings Options

You can also recreate the rooms and start over from scratch if needed.

Recreate Breakout Rooms

Step 5

Once you start your meeting and are with your students, you can assign your participants (if you selected to do so manually) to the breakout rooms.

Assign Participants


Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms
  • Simple to use
  • Easy for students


Microsoft Teams, used by almost a Billion people worldwide just released one of its most long-awaited features … Breakout Room!  This is a complete game-changer for teachers looking to differentiate their distance learning classrooms.

The feature is simple to use and extremely easy to set up and is rolling out to school districts worldwide right now!  Don't forget to update your Microsoft tenant to take advantage of these great features today!

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