How to use Microsoft Teams for Live Streaming Morning Announcements … for FREE!

In this post, you will learn how to use Microsoft Teams as a Live Broadcasting platform for morning announcements, assemblies, Board of Education meetings, and any other type of digital meeting.

Are you looking to take your school building communication to the next level?  Recently, I met with a principal who asked me to share the best way to help their school get into live streaming morning announcements.  The school building didn’t have any equipment outside of teacher and student laptops, but they were interested in figuring out how to quickly put together a platform for students to Livestream into classrooms every morning.

Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to work with a group of middle school students to do this same task.  At that point in time, we decided to purchase a series of video cameras, computers, and audio equipment.  We set up a studio with a green screen and created an elaborate motion graphic package that played the national anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.  

The times have changed and so has technology.  The need to purchase elaborate equipment and set up green screens is now outdated all because of the amazing FREE features found inside of Microsoft Teams. 

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an application that is found in the Microsoft 365 suite.  Many users of Microsoft Teams know that is the one place to find your files, calendar, OneNote, and internal chat messages.  But did you know that it also holds the power of being a FREE LIVE BROADCASTING tool for your school district?

How do you use Microsoft Teams for Live Broadcasting?

Microsoft Teams provides several versions of its Teams Meetings features for users.  Traditionally a Microsoft Teams meeting is a direct conversation between two or more parties complete with chat and file sharing.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams allows users to set up “webinars” where, instead of a peer-to-peer conversation, Teams provides a “stage” that separates the presenter from the user.  This feature is awesome to use because it comes complete with a sign-up form with a robust registration system.

To create a system for broadcasting live morning announcements you have to dive into some of the hidden features of Microsoft Teams meetings to adjust individual meeting settings.  This process doesn’t take long but once you set up your meetings how you want them, you can create recurring meetings so that both your broadcasters and classroom teachers have a common link to view each morning's presentation.

Let’s take a look at how to use Microsoft Teams for broadcasting live morning announcements.

Set up a Calendar Event for Live Broadcasting

  • Open Microsoft Teams
  • Click on the Calendar App icon
    • Create an event and invite at least one more person.
      • Set the event to Reoccur every morning at the same time
      • Click SAVE
    • Click into the event screen
    • Click on MEETING OPTIONS
      • Who can bypass the lobby? – EVERYONE
      • Always let callers bypass the lobby – YES
      • Announce when callers join or leave – NO
      • Who can present? – SPECIFIC PEOPLE
      • Choose presenters – (Add Your Broadcasters)
      • Allow mic for attendees? – NO
      • Allow camera for attendees? – NO
      • Record automatically – YES
      • Allow meeting chat – DISABLED
      • Allow reactions – YES/NO
      • Provide CART Captions – NO
      • Click SAVE
      • Click SEND UPDATE

Share Your Broadcast with Your Classroom Teachers

  • Option 1
    • Click into the Event
      • Click on COPY LINK
      • Share your link by email
  • Option 2
    • Click into the Event
      • Add your classroom teachers to the recurring event

To Start Your Live Morning Announcement

  • Click to JOIN the Teams Meeting
    • Adjust your Audio/Video
    • Add a Virtual Background
    • Click the 3-Dot Menu
      • Click LIVE CAPTIONS (Optional)

When Finished Your Live Broadcast

  • Click the dropdown next to LEAVE
    • Click END MEETING
  • Click into the Meeting Chat to access the link to the video recording.
  • Recordings are also found in the OneDrive – RECORDINGS folder.

Why Should You Use Microsoft Teams in Your School District?

Are you in a school district that has access to Microsoft 365 applications?  The Microsoft 365 suite includes not only Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, it also has powerful online applications such as Flipgrid, SWAY, and Microsoft Teams.

When you combine these applications together, you can use globally recognized and industry-standard tools that your students will be using once they graduate from your school district.

For more information about how to use Microsoft Teams, please visit our Microsoft Education homepage today and check out our YouTube Playlist.

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