Student Choice and Design Thinking

By Sam Patterson | Oct 14, 2019 |
Dragon Rocket Labs

Teachers who believe in student choice know that it is just one of many guiding principles in curriculum design. Throughout my career, from HS English to Elementary Maker/STEAM, I have put Student Choice as one of my greatest goals, and I have done some of my best work in pursuit of this goal. Getting to…

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Do Ink: The Best App For Green Screens on the iPad!

By Sam Patterson | May 28, 2019 |
Best Green Screen App

Are you looking to use your iPad to record Green Screen video? Learn why Do Ink is the best Green Screen application for the iPad today!

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5 Essential Components of a Successful STEAM Curriculum with Key 22nd Century skills

By Sam Patterson | Apr 27, 2019 |
5 Essential Components of Successful STEAM Curriculum

Good News, your STEAM class is going to become more successful. Your students will experience this success for themselves because you will be spending your time on the stuff that really matters. I’m telling you this from the front lines of STEAM instruction, naptime to Newton my kids are building knowledge and confidence every class…

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5 steps to Hobble an Imagination

By Sam Patterson | Mar 5, 2019 |
How To Hobble An Imagination (1)

Have you ever felt this way about the educational system that made you who you are today?

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3 Simple Ways to Transform Your Students Attitude about Learning

By Sam Patterson | Jan 9, 2019 |
3 Ways to Transform Students Attitudes about Learning

I can remember my earliest education classes focused on transforming education from a one to many “banking” model to a student-centered approach. From where I sit, 16 years later, this is still a major challenge. We must disrupt the traditional knowledge economy in our classrooms. Even some models of “individualized” instruction ask students to learn…

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9 Features of EdTech Applications That Developers Should Standardize in 2019: A Wishlist for EdTech Companies Everywhere (#4 is our favorite)

By Sam Patterson | Dec 30, 2018 |
9 EdTech Changes For Classroom Apps

I believe in the power of play in education and the last few years spent teaching tech in grades K-5 have really cemented the belief that there are at least 9 app features that should be considered before it enters the classroom environment.  I clearly see how well-designed playful lessons support student empowerment and knowledge…

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You Can't Spell STEAM without TEA

By Sam Patterson | Dec 12, 2018 |
You Can't Spell STEAM without TEA

Teaching STEAM requires that I learn every day. Somedays, I need to be smarter than I really am. Long ago, I learned that these demanding brain moments can be eased with the right amount of caffeine. Looking for the right amount of caffeine has lead me on a tour of so many delicious sources. At…

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How Do You Morph Two Images Together In Apple Keynote?

By Sam Patterson | Dec 5, 2018 |
Using Apple Keynote to Morph Two Objects

In this Apple Keynote video tutorial, you will learn how to morph two different animals together to create a new species that young children will enjoy.

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In Praise of Really Long Projects

By Sam Patterson | Nov 27, 2018 |
In Praise of Long Projects

As a specialist serving all the kids in the school, one of my greatest fears is that one student’s work in progress won’t make it from one week to the next. I have rolling shelves, and a culture of “put your name on it.” This is a far from perfect system, and it is the…

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STEAM is Intimidating!

By Sam Patterson | Nov 14, 2018 |
STEAM is Intimidating

I’m just going to start with an unsubstantiated statement: STEAM/ STEM is used more by marketers than teachers. what they hope you don’t notice is that this label is usually just slapped on the bundled gee gaw of simple experiments that are relatively unchanged in the last 70 years. I am the STEAM coordinator for…

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