6 Podcasting Microphones … But Which is Best For Your Podcast?

When creating audio or video content, the right equipment is essential in creating a quality recording. In this post, we will look at and review 6 Podcasting Microphones of various price ranges to help you determine which is best for you and your classroom podcasting needs.  All of these microphones have been tested in the TeacherCast studios and are all highly recommended.

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Does Your Podcast Need A Microphone To Sound Good?

Recording high-quality audio is something that every podcaster is constantly talking about.  Usually, the conversation starts with “So, you have a podcast … what microphone do you use?” (Does this sound familiar?)

No matter if you are creating a podcast for your classroom or home studio, you will certainly want to be able to capture your audio so that it can be easily consumed and shared.  But where do you start?

How To Choose The Best Podcasting Microphone?

Generally, when choosing microphones for your podcast the first thing you think about is function.

  • Do you want to use a USB or XLR Microphone?
  • Do you need to record on a laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or Mobile Phone?

No matter what the answers are to the questions above, the microphone that you ultimately select generally comes down to price and how it will fit in your budget.

My solution for this is to encourage you to think about what your podcasting goals are and not only how you want to use your microphone, but WHERE you want to use your microphone.

Today, we will be looking at a variety of audio recording options. Some of these will be recommended for situations where you will be looking to record in a studio and others are great for mobile solutions.  Additionally, depending on if you are recording in a studio or with older students vs the younger grades, certain microphones might be more desirable for you.

What Microphone Should You Purchase For Your Podcast?

To help answer this question, let's break down my 6 favorite podcasting microphones by price and function.

Budget Microphones For Under $100

If you are searching for a microphone for your classroom, or if you are new to podcasting, there are plenty of great solutions.

Classroom Microphones

Studio Microphones

Moderately Priced Microphone

Classroom Microphone

  • The Raspberry Microphone is a very nice sounding and portable solution for any mobile podcaster. It comes with multiple cables to plug directly into a USB port or Lightning port for your iOS devices.

Studio Microphone

  • The RODE PodMic is a great solution for film clubs because it comes equipped with a shock mount that hooks into your Boom Arms.

Audio Podcasting Microphone SWAY Link

Professional Grade Microphones

If you are looking to take your sound to the next level, the Shure SM7B is pretty much industry standard.  Found on the desks of many radio DJ's, the SM7B is an amazing microphone that will help you sound like a pro! If this microphone is in your future, I suggest pairing it up with a DBX 286S and a RODECaster Proto make you sound like a million bucks.

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