Are you looking for a replacement for Google Classroom? This might soon be the answer for both Microsoft and Google schools.

What do you get when you combine Technology, Innovation, an amazing New York City Skyline, and 10,000 people?  The answer is the Propelify Innovation Festival!

This past week, I attended the Propelify conference in Hoboken New Jersey.  Known as the “Community That Propels Innovation” the conference featured over 80 speakers, dozens of vendors, amazing networking opportunities, and of course, awesome food.

Why Propel?

As the summer professional development season starts to get hot and the ISTE conference comes closer, I have started to wonder what the world looks like outside of the bubble of EdTech.  After looking at the great offerings at this years Propelify conference, I decided to check it out and I'm certainly happy that I did.  The day kicked off with a fantastic opening from Propelify founder and CEO Aaron Price who talked about the importance of connecting with each other and making the most of the day together.  The conference was held in Hoboken NJ on the very beautiful waterfront overlooking the stunning New York City skyline.

Should I Attend Next Year?

With almost 10,000 people in attendance, it's easy to say that Propelify is for anyone who is interested in technology and innovation.  If you fit these two categories then I absolutely encourage you to sign up for a ticket … and sign up early as prices for the event increase as you get closer to the conference.

What will I learn if I am in Education?

Propelify is exactly what you make out of it.  I had a fantastic time meeting people from a wide variety of industries.  Being one of the few at the gathering from inside of the Education world made me feel a bit lost in the conversation.  But I quickly caught on to the topics that people were discussing during networking sessions.  That was until I found my calling at Podcasters Row.

No Need To Bring Your Own Mic … Just Bring Your Voice!

When you are surrounded by so many awesome things, it's easy to lose your way in the crowd.  I had heard that there would be a Podcasters Row at the conference and I brought my portable equipment just case there was an opportunity to do some recording.  During the afternoon, I met George Fernandez, an amazing recording artist and we struck up a conversation about the Jersey City TEDx event that happens each year.

Can a Tech Startup Overthrow Google Classroom?

In talking with George, I learned of a budding edtech startup called Integrate that was soon launching in New Jersey Schools and looking to make a big splash in the classroom.  The goal of Integrate is to become a schools learning management and student information system all in one.  They are launching this year in select schools in New Jersey and I wish them the best of luck.

Check out my on the spot interview with Max and Kevin from Integrate.

Looking to Propel into 2019!

After a long day of great conversations and a heavy collection of business cards in my pocket, I would highly recommend anyone in the Greater New York area check out Propelify in 2019.  My recommendation is to get on their mailing list so you can get your tickets early at a nice low price and also arrive early to beat the parking garages from closing.

In closing, I wish to give a big THANK YOU to Aaron and his team for putting on a fantastic event. I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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