Learn How To Be a Raspberry Pi Expert Through These Great new Resources from @RaspberryFanClub

Recently, the TechEducator Podcast recorded a show featuring a tiny microcomputer known as a Raspberry Pi.  We learned that a Pi (“pie”) is a small computer board that is designed for students to create the computer of their dreams.  Fitted with circuits and external ports, when put in the proper hands, a Raspberry Pi can do just about anything.

But what if you don't know the first thing about microcomputing? Fortunately, a new twitter account has emerged from Trisha Sanches (@techistrish), Peter Stran (@strawn_ed), Brian Briggs (@bribriggs), and Techlandia's own master podcaster Jon Samuelson (@jonsamuelson) called @picademyfanclub.  Follow this new and sizzling hot account today to stay updated with the Pi Community.

How Can I Learn More About Raspberry Pi?

The Official Raspberry Pi website is designed to help get Pi newbies up and running quickly by providing tips, tricks, resources and a full educational community to assist you in your transition to becoming a Pi expert.

If you are looking for additional resources on Raspberry Pi check out the twitter feeds of the educators above as well as the ones on our list here.  Later this week, we will have a full list of Raspberry Pi experts for you to check out.

Raspberry Pi Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Become a Raspberry Pi Expert

Known as Picademy, educators can now attend a two day hands-on Continued Professional Development workshop designed both for newbies and Pi veterans that from what I hear, is an event you cannot miss.

The next opportunity to attend Picademy is August 13-14 in Baltimore MD. For more information visit raspberry.org/picademy

What do you get from attending Picademy?

  • Certification, as an official Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, that can be used as evidence for CPD
  • Access to an exclusive, active community of fellow Certified Educators who will help you to continue your own development and pass on your expertise to others
  • A Swag Bag of free equipment including the latest Raspberry Pi
  • VIP, ‘First Look’ access to new Raspberry Pi projects
  • Opportunities to network with inventive, creative and passionate people from around the world
  • A virtual Certified Educator badge for social media and a physical badge for events and conferences


Check Out Our Raspberry Pi Podcast

We are looking for more resources on Raspberry Pi

If you have any collected resources we would love to have you share them below in the comments section.

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