SchoolTube: A Complete Audio, Video, and Screencasting Tutorial for K12 Classrooms

Is your school district looking for a solution that allows teachers to create dynamic and personalized hybrid lessons?  What about a fantastic and FREE application that allows teachers to create video tutorials and share them with students in a COPPA and ADA compliant environment? In today's EdTech in the Classroom video, we take a look at SchoolTube, a complete video solution for K-12 classrooms.

SchoolTube is an educator focused video creation platform that provides users a “YouTube-like” experience, free from all of the dangers and distractions that are unwanted in today's hybrid classrooms.

Why SchoolTube?

SchoolTube LogoSchoolTube provides educators with a Single Sign-on experience (Clever, Microsoft, Google, Canvas, Blackboard, etc) that allows for unlimited user accounts and unlimited video uploads for their classrooms.

Any educator can create a free account and get started organizing their videos into customizable channels and playlists to neatly organize their content.

Students will enjoy not only how easy it is to search for and navigate SchoolTube, but will be able to share their mastery of content by creating their own video tutorials, audio podcasts, and curated playlists that can be shared and embedded on applications such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and any LMS.

SchoolTube Get Started

What Can SchoolTube Do In Your Classroom?

In addition to the free and dynamic video storage solutions for both educators and students, SchoolTube has several great features that educators will enjoy using.

Interactive Video Quizzes

In just a few simple clicks, videos can be used to create interactive quizzes complete with auto-grading options.  These quizzes can be quickly created and shared through applications such as Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom for classroom distribution.

YouTube Video Linking

Is there a video that is on YouTube that you wish to share with your students but don't want to send them into the never-ending dark hole of non-educational videos?  SchoolTube makes it very easy to paste in a link to a YouTube video and within seconds, allows you to share it on your own private classroom channel in a safe environment.

Video Screencasting App for Instructional Tutorials

SchoolTube provides users with a complete system to create video tutorials that can be shared or downloaded onto your hard drive. I find this to be one of the easiest ways to quickly create and distribute simple how-to content to students in a safe and private way without the need for additional applications.

Great For Everyone!

There are many great reasons to use SchoolTube and it's robust video creation features.

SchoolTube for School Districts

One of the things that I found about the team behind SchoolTube is how easy it is to work with their support staff.  They are available to school districts for demonstrations and will help you and your digital learning staff determine which features of SchoolTube are right for you. The basic free plan covers most of what any school district needs and to take your experience to the next level and unlock extra features such as ad-free and SSO, it's only $2 per student.

SchoolTube for Teachers

SchoolTube accounts can be created both at the School District and Teacher level.  It's pretty simple to get signed up with their free account and upgrading to a full year teacher account is only $39 a year to unlock several great features such as their Ad-Free option.

SchoolTube for Students

If your student is homeschooled or if a parent is looking to help students learn about digital video without the need for opening a YouTube account, they can sign up for a student SchoolTube account once they reach 13 years old.

Are You Ready for SchoolTube in Your Classroom?

  • 00:00 – Start
  • 01:08 – SchoolTube Overview
  • 01:33 – Single Sign-on
  • 01:49 – For Teachers
  • 02:00 – Reasons to Use SchoolTube in the Classroom
  • 02:30 – Easily Affordable Pricing Plans
  • 03:05 – Navigating SchoolTube
  • 03:25 – Searching for Classroom Videos
  • 03:54 – Video Screen Options
  • 04:05 – How to Share Videos in Google Classroom
  • 04:42 – How to Share Videos in Microsoft Teams
  • 05:22 – SchoolTube Menu Options for Teachers
  • 05:34 – SchoolTube Channels
  • 05:49 – Create a Channel
  • 07:27 – Adding Videos into a SchoolTube Playlist
  • 07:52 – Playlists
  • 08:35 – Adding a Playlist to Google Classroom
  • 08:53 – Adding a Playlist to Microsoft Teams
  • 09:20 – How to Upload and Create a SchoolTube Video
  • 10:18 – How to Capture Webcam Video
  • 11:32 – Insert a YouTube Video into SchoolTube
  • 12:37 – Screencasting and Audio Recording
  • 13:36 – Create Interactive Videos with Quizzing
  • 17:13 –  Recap

Get Started with SchoolTube Today!

Over the last 10 years, I have been extremely impressed by the work that the team at Schooltube has done to create a complete educational video creation and curation platform.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to meet the team and work with them on a few projects and my experiences only made me excited for the platform even more.

If you are using SchoolTube in the classroom, I'd love to hear from you. Please reach out on Social Media @TeacherCast and share with me your experiences working with your students using digital and interactive video.

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SchoolTube: A Complete Video Solution for K-12 Classrooms FREEMIUM
  • Simple to Sign Up
  • Feature Rich for Teachers and Students
  • Student Safe and Secure
  • Cost Effective
  • Support and Customer Service


SchoolTube is an interactive and digital video solution for K-12 classrooms that provides teachers a safe and secure teaching environment for hybrid lessons. It's Single Sign-on features make it easy for teachers to quickly access and it's robust features will make SchoolTube a staple in any educational classroom setting.

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