Computer Science for All Students

Computer Science for all students

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we take a look at Computer Science in a slightly different way.  Together with authors Sam Patterson and Doug Bergman, we discuss ways for every school district to create a seamless K12 curriculum that infuses aspects of Computer Science in all grade levels.  

STEM Education for All Educators: What is Block-Based Coding?

Teaching Block Based Coding to Young Students

Welcome to Beyond the Hour of Code, the podcast to help you use programming to teach core content. I am Sam Patterson and in today’s episode, we talk about blockly-based programming in Apps. For a more detailed discussion check out my new book “Programming in the primary grades: Beyond the Hour of Code”

How do we define Innovative Professional Learning? / Featuring Mike Lawrence

How do we define Innovative Professional Development?

In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” we sit down with Mike Lawrence and Dr. Sam Patterson to talk about the State of Professional Learning.  Together, we take on the topic of Innovative Professional Development and share our thoughts about how we can create a culture of learning in our school districts that encourage teachers to think outside of the box.