Six Things Every Tech Coach Should Be Encouraged To Do This Year

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Do You Want To Become A Better Tech Coach?

Of course, you do!

If you are reading this and you are a Tech Coach or are looking to become a Tech Coach in the near future then you probably fit this description

  • You are highly motivated and a “go-getter”
  • You aren't afraid to take charge of your own professional development
  • You know how hard it is to be in charge of professional learning for hundreds of teachers and are often reaching out to your PLN to get the best answers, tips, and tricks so you can bring them into the classroom

Am I on the right track?

If any of these three descriptors above describes you in any way then you will definitely want to continue reading this post and I can't encourage you enough to take advantage of the amazing offer and special discounts below.

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6 Things That You Should Be Doing If You Are A Tech Coach

Join the TeacherCast Tech Coaches Network

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Did you know that the TeacherCast Tech Coaches network is made up of almost 1,000 Tech Coaches from around the world?

Membership in the Tech Coaches network is FREE and you can join simply by joining our Tech Coaching Newsletter.  Each week we will share with you our latest posts, lesson plans, podcasts, and professional development opportunities.

Build Your PLN and Build it Wide!

If you are like most Tech Coaches, you are probably responsible for the professional learning for the entire school district.  You are probably working on behalf of your teachers, but also working amongst the world of administrators.

This can be a very powerful, but stressful place to be each day.

No matter if you work alone, or are on a team of coaches, it's important for all coaches to have a group of peers that they can turn to when questions arise.  In New Jersey, my Ask the Tech Coach cohost Nick and I belong to a group of coaches who meet once a month to discuss what is happening in our school districts.  We call ourselves the New Jersey Tech Educators Network (#NJTEN).  This group is now in our 4th year together and it's one of the things I look forward to each month.

Follow Tech Coach Hashtags on Twitter

In addition to having a support group of local coaches who you can turn to by voice, text, or vox, it's also important to know where online to find great information that supports Tech Coaches.  Fortunately, there are several great educational hashtags that you can turn to.

Subscribe to Tech Coach Blogs and Podcasts

If you search online, you will find several blogs and podcasts that focus on tools and pedagogy.  We often feature these on our Educational Podcasting Today show.  However, have you ever searched for a podcast or blog that speaks directly to your position, or provides information on how to be a better Tech Coach?

Fortunately for us, there are several great places that we can bookmark to keep updated with the latest best practices.

Join the Tech Coach Mastermind … TODAY!

If you are a Tech Coach or looking to become a Tech Coach, the best thing you can do for yourself in 2019 is to join the TeacherCast Tech Coach Mastermind!

Join us for our next 8-week program where you will learn the step-by-step proven system for kicking your professional development program up a notch.

  • Are you a Technology Coach that is in your first 4 years in the position?
  • Are you struggling to get into classrooms and when you do … you aren't sure what to do next?
  • Do you have difficulty working in the groove between teachers and administrators?
  • Are you looking to lead your school district into the future by implementing innovative and exciting programs for students and teachers of all grade levels?
  • Do you want to get yourself ready for professional groups such as Google Trainer and Microsoft Innovative Educator but need extra support?
  • Are you looking to connect with other Tech Coaches from around the country with similar interests and struggles?

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What Do You Get When You Join The Mastermind?

  • Individualized and Group Coaching Sessions
  • An Edtech Digital Learning Plan for Student Success
  • Free Downloadable Teaching Templates
  • Bonus Podcasts, Blog Posts, and Lesson Plans
  • FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in our Online Coaching Community
  • 2 FREE Online Courses

Share Your Knowledge With Other Tech Coaches

No matter if you are a new Tech Coach or a member of a veteran team, it's important that we are supporting each other.  There are two things that we would like to invite you to do today!

Please contact us today by email, voice message, or Twitter.  We would love to feature you on our next podcast.

In Conclusion

This year, TeacherCast will be focusing on helping Tech Coaches curate and create the best resources on the web for coaches but we can't do it alone.  If you have any resources that we can add to these lists, please leave them in the comments below.


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