Spreaker Studio Now Fully Supports Chrome OS

Are you looking for a podcasting solution that works well in your classroom?  This month, Spreaker announced that their recording platform called Spreaker Studio is now the first podcasting app to fully support Chrome OS.

What Does This Mean?

By being Chrome OS supported, students using Chromebooks can now use Spreaker and all of it's rich recording and publishing tools to create educational podcasts.

What Can Spreaker Studio Do?

Spreaker Studio is a dynamic application both for desktop and mobile devices which allows students to record, publish, and distribute their educational podcasts.  I have used Spreaker in the past to not only record my show, but to share it through their easy to setup network and it is a pretty awesome and simple to use interface.

How Do You Install Spreaker Studio?

To install Spreaker Studio on your Chromebook, download the Spreaker Studio application or search for it on the Google Play Store.

How Can I Use Spreaker Studio In The Classroom?

There are several great ways to use Educational Podcasts in your classroom. If you are interested in finding great resources or lesson plans, please visit www.PodcastingWithStudents.com for our entire library of podcasts and blog posts to help you bring audio and video lessons to your students.

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