Square Panda brings adaptive learning to young learners and early readers on a multi-platform extremely awesome platform!

Are you looking to find the perfect solution to create a personalized learning experience for your young reader?

This year at the ISTE Conference, I had the opportunity to sit down with Andy Butler from Square Panda. Based on an engaging system based on Neuroscience to develop critical skills for PreK-3rd-grade readers, Square Panda is dedicated to early literacy and language fluency. This system completely blew me away due to its extremely simple interface and very visually friendly characters that a young learner meets on their reading journey.

How does Square Panda Work?

As you can see from the video above, the system runs on an iOS /Android device that plugs into an interactive base station.  Much like your traditional refrigerator magnet activities, Square Panda not only invites students to spell out words on the screen (for example) but also adapts its platform based on the activities of the child.

As the student inserts the smart letters on the board, the software rewards the student by sounding out the letter and playing a sound of what the letter sounds like.

What Makes Square Panda Special?

The ability to master early language skills and language skills is a critical skill that is developed around ages 2-4 years old.  As the father of three amazing children in this age bracket, I constantly see them picking up new skills and sounds.  Recently, we have even noticed that our edutriplets are reading some of the words they see in signs and billboards while driving down the road.  Where these activities and developments are fantastic and wonderful, they are very passive in nature.  What makes Square Panda stand apart is that it learns about the user as they move throughout the activities.

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Final Thoughts

In a world where teachers, students, and parents, have a ton of options for putting technology in the hands of students, I spent my time at ISTE wondering what offerings at this year's conference I would be comfortable putting in front of my young learners.  After just a few moments of playing with Square Panda I was hooked not only on how easy it is, but how I could easily imagine my own crew learning from it.

Toddler Tech Review: Square Panda
  • Multi-Platform
  • Simple and Easy to Setup
  • Cost for Families of Young Children
  • Easily Shared Between Triplets
  • Recommended by a Tech Dad


I was extremely impressed at how easy it was for young learners to sit down with their mobile device and quickly pick up the games and activities found in the Square Panda system. I love the adaptive learning environment that adjusts to the individual user. This is extremely important to me and my triplets. This system will not only make the perfect compliment to any PreK-3rd-grade classroom but is also a great addition to families with young children. Highly Recommended!

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