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You Can't Spell STEAM without TEA

You Can't Spell STEAM without TEA

By Sam Patterson | Dec 12, 2018

Teaching STEAM requires that I learn every day. Somedays, I need to be smarter than I really am. Long ago,…

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Using Apple Keynote to Morph Two Objects

How Do You Morph Two Images Together In Apple Keynote?

By Sam Patterson | Dec 5, 2018

In this Apple Keynote video tutorial, you will learn how to morph two different animals together to create a new species that young children will enjoy.

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STEAM is Intimidating

STEAM is Intimidating!

By Sam Patterson | Nov 14, 2018

I’m just going to start with an unsubstantiated statement: STEAM/ STEM is used more by marketers than teachers. what they…

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Inspiring Creativity

7 steps for Inspiring Creativity in Young Makers

By Sam Patterson | Sep 23, 2018

Keeping My Assumptions in Check In my STEAMspace at Echo Horizon school, we support empowered innovative learners by asking students…

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3 Great Ideas for Your Elementary Makerspace that will be a HIT with Young Students!

3 Great Ideas for Your Elementary Makerspace that will be a HIT with Young Students!

By Sam Patterson | Sep 16, 2018

In my Makerspace, I get to work with grades PreK-6. This means that each week I am prepping for a…

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LEGO Coding Express Blog Post

How Can LEGO Bricks Be Used To Teach Our Youngest Learners About STEM Education?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Aug 28, 2018

This summer was pretty amazing.  At the end of last year, I found out that I was accepted into the…

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STEM For Special Education

STEM Education and Children With Special Needs

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Jul 18, 2018

STEM education that’s driven by a learner-centered instruction can be used to provide students with a powerful educational program. In…

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Why is STEM Education Important

Why is STEM Education is Necessary for Todays Student?

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Jul 18, 2018

Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM) have never been more important in our society. Now that our world runs on…

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Puppet Camp 2018

What Makes Summer Camp Amazing For Students of All Ages?

By Sam Patterson | Jun 30, 2018

What makes Summer Camp so special for both teachers and students? Learn what goes into creating a memorable experience and why you can do it too!

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Why does a STEM Curriculum need Empathy_

Why Does A STEM Curriculum Need Empathy?

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Jun 10, 2018

In order to make a STEM education a force for good in our world, and help students to solve social and economic problems, we need to understand the role of empathy in STEM curriculums.

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LED Village for Classroom Maker Space

Maker Space Project Idea: Creating an LED Village in the Classroom Maker Space using Paper Circuits and the Microbit

By Sam Patterson | May 30, 2018

Create a world-class hands-on coding tool. Laser-cut LED village captures the best of a trainboard and circuit design. A platform for imagination and circuit theory, build logic gates and a love of learning.

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Great Staff Meetings

The Secret to a Great Staff Meeting is … CREATIVITY!

By Sam Patterson | May 1, 2018

The Call of Creativity- I look over at the laughter and my Head of School is using a tiny light…

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