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Addressing STEM Shortages

What Teachers Can Do to Address Shortages in the STEM Fields

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Apr 29, 2018

Here are some of the ways teachers can help address STEM shortages during the K-12 education.

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Can We make a Football

Can We make a Football? The Magic of Not Saying No

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Apr 13, 2018

 Do you want to Build a Football? During Recess workshop for grades 1 and 2 one of the boys asked…

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Puppet Theater Field Trip

Field Trip To The Puppet Theater, Teaching Push and Pull

By Sam Patterson | Apr 10, 2018

Years ago our school had regular field trips to the local puppet theatre and this year we revived that tradition.…

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Coding and Programming for Young Learners

@SamPatue Shares thoughts on Programming Robots in the Primary Grades to Capture Young Imaginations

By Sam Patterson | Mar 30, 2018

The more I collaborate with great teachers the more I am convinced that teaching is a team sport.  I am…

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3D Printing for All Students

Who Said That 3D Printing is for Introverts!?

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Mar 30, 2018

The terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ are often used to describe a student’s personality, and perhaps even to predict what activities…

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7 STEM Resources for Teachers Parents and Students

7 Great STEM Resources for Educators, Parents & Students

By TeacherCast Guest Contributer | Mar 26, 2018

Math and science are foundational for a well-rounded education. Proficiency in these subjects allows students to embark on exciting careers, solving the world’s problems, building the technology of the future, and even curing deadly diseases.

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Google Slides for Animation Projects

Learn how Google Slides can Create Awesome Animation Projects!

By Sam Patterson | Mar 8, 2018

I am a big fan of Google Slides because it is such a flexible platform. I can set-up sequential lessons, build spaces for reflection as we as process-based work. When I first heard about creating animations in google slides I had to try it out.

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What is Toy Hacking

Toy Hacking: What exactly is this popular STEM activity and how do I get started?

By Sam Patterson | Mar 6, 2018

In the simplest terms, the way to begin teaching with toy hacking is to do some toy acting yourself. Steal some toys from your children or pick them up at the local thrift shop look for ones that have simple electronics in them.

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Coding to create better students

How Can Coding Teach My Students … To Be Better Students?

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Feb 26, 2018

As we look ahead and make our resolutions to be better friends, family members, and educators, we shouldn't forget to look back and see where we just were and build on those skills inside our classrooms.

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Using Coding in Science Class

How can we infuse Coding and Computer Science into our Science Classes?

By Sam Patterson | Feb 25, 2018

This lesson is a great application of an open studio app and allows for student creativity while allowing for easy assessment. The goal is content-based and not tool based. This lesson was midway through the year and the students all had some experience programming in Hopscotch.

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Top 10 STEM Teachers 2018 - TeacherCast Blog

Top 10 STEM Educators To Follow on Twitter in 2018

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Jan 22, 2018

Here is a non-sequential list of 10 of today's best STEM resources. Please take a moment this week to listen to their shows and follow them on Twitter.

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Dot and Dash for Toddlers

Dot and Dash from @Wonderworkshop: Bringing Tech to Toddlers Worldwide

By Jeffrey Bradbury | Jan 22, 2018

Wonder Workshop's has recently released three new classroom packs of their famous Dot and Dash robots. Learn how you can bring STEM education into your classroom today!

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