How To Submit Your Podcast to the Apple Podcasts Directory

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, you are going to want to have it listed in the worlds largest podcasting directory, Apple Podcasts.  But, how do you get your podcast into the Apple Podcasts directory? In this post, we will take you step by step and provide you with the links needed to submit your podcast to the Apple Podcasts Directory and get your show seen by your target audience. If you have any questions about Apple Podcasts or about publishing your show, please leave a message in the comments below or Tweet to me @PodcastingToday.

How Do You Submit Your Show to Apple Podcasts?

The first thing you are going to need to do when publishing your podcast to the Apple Podcasts platform is to visit Apple Podcasts/iTunes Connect:

Apple Podcasts Homepage

Apple Podcasts Homepage

Paste your RSS FEED URL into the box and click “Validate” and “Submit.”

Submit RSS Feed to Apple Podcasts

Submit RSS Feed to Apple Podcasts

You will then see a feed preview load if your RSS feed is free of errors.

If your feed is valid and everything is ok, click the “Submit” button.

What Happens Next?

After your podcast RSS feed is submitted a moderator will look at our submission and make the final decision on approval of your show.  This could take anywhere from 3-10 days however, it has been known to happen within 24 hours.

The first email you receive will congratulate you for being accepted into the Apple Podcasts.  Within a few hours of receiving this email, you will be able to access your podcast through a link in the email. (This will become your official link where your podcast can be promoted).  It generally takes a few days before the Apple Podcasts directory has you as part of their search algorithm.

Understanding The Apple Podcasts Dashboard

After your podcast(s) are submitted, you will be able to see all of your shows in the Apple Podcasts Dashboard.

Apple Podcasts Shows Dashboard

Apple Podcasts Shows Dashboard

This dashboard shows you:


  • Devices: How many devices your show has been accessed on
  • Total Time Listened
  • Time per Device


  • Episodes: Your latest episode number
  • Released: Date of show publication
  • Duration: Length of Podcast
  • Devices: How many devices have accessed your podcast
  • Total Time Listened
  • Time per Device
  • Average Consumption

How to You Promote Your Podcast?

Traditionally, many podcasters and podcast listeners refer to their shows as “being on iTunes” however in 2018, Apple renamed this service to “Apple Podcasts” to better reflect the name of the application on the iOS Platform.

In 2019, Apple launched a new dedicated podcasting app on the MacOS called Apple Podcasts breaking it officially apart from the iTunes platform.  Because of this, podcasters are encouraged to say “Find me on Apple Podcasts” rather than “Find me on iTunes.”

What Does Your Podcast Look Like Once Approved?

Once approved, your Apple Podcasts link will direct you to a webpage with your podcast logo, description, and playable episodes.

Apple Podcasts Online Webpage View

Apple Podcasts Online Webpage View


One of the first things that you will want to do with your podcast just before you are ready to promote it is to submit your show to the Apple Podcasts Directory.  Having your show listed in the directory opens your podcast to being listed in additional podcasting applications automatically.

It's important to also point out that Apple does not “host your podcast,” rather, it is simply an extremely large database featuring more than 700,000 podcast feeds.  Once you hit publish on a new episode of your podcast, it can take anywhere from 30 min to an hour or so to have it show up as a downloadable item in someone's Apple Podcasts application.

I often describe Apple Podcasts as one giant radar. Every minute, it sweeps all 700,000 feeds and if it sees that a feed has been updated, it adds it to the platform for others to download.

If you have any questions about Apple Podcasts or about publishing your show, please leave a message in the comments below or Tweet to me @PodcastingToday.

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