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The Importance of Podcasting for Educational Leadership and School Administrators

Greg Goins

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today we welcome school administrator and podcaster Dr. Greg Goins on the podcast to discuss the importance of school administrators bringing podcasting and personalized professional development into their inner circle.  Dr. Goins is the host of the brand new Reimagine Schools Podcast that can be found on Apple Podcasts and other fine audio platforms.

Review: Learn why @WeVideo is the Best Audio and Video Editing Solution for Podcasters and Classroom Teachers Today!

WeVideo: Cloudbased Video Production Studio for Classrooms

In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we welcome John Klein and Dr Nathan Lang from WeVideo on the podcast to discuss the importance of using video in the classroom to achieve curricular goals.

Strategies for Monetizing Your Educational Podcast … That Actually Work!

How Can We Monetize Our Podcasts_

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we sit down with Super Joe Pardo and Matthew Passy to discuss ways that we can all monetize our podcasts.  Together we discuss podcasting income, sponsorships, media kits, and the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference.