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The Current State of “Connected Learning” and Strategies Towards Meaningful Educator Engagement through Social Networks: Featuring @ModernLearners #CLCLearns

Social Media for EDU

In this episode of the TechEducator Podcast, we welcome Lyn Hilt on the podcast to discuss Social Media and how it has evovled over the last decade for educators worldwide.

Social Media & Data Privacy: How can we keep our students safe online? Featuring @Mike_Allton

Mike Allton - What can we teach our students about Social Media

In this episode of Educational Podcasting Today, we take a look at the state of Social Media with our guest Mike Allton. Together, we discuss Social Media and how it is affecting parents, teachers, and students in regards to internet safety, data privacy, and tips and tricks for creating the best learning experience to our students.

How Are Educators Using Social Media Effectively in the Classroom?

Using Social Media
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Welcome to the 21st episode of the Tech Educator Podcast.  The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion about current topics in educational technology.  For more information, please visit Recorded July 21, 2013

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