Are you an
Instructional Technology Coach?

If you are a Tech Coach or looking to become a Tech Coach, the best thing you can do for yourself in 2019 is to join the TeacherCast Tech Coach Mastermind!

Join us for our next cohort where you will learn the step-by-step proven system for kicking your professional development program up a notch.

Topics include: Using an LMS for Professional Development, Creating a Tech Integration Plan, Creating a Tech Coach Resume/Cover Letter, Tech Coach Websites, and much more!

Are you a Technology Coach that is in your first 4 years in the position?

Are you struggling to get into classrooms and when you do ... you aren't sure what to do next?

Do you have difficulty working in the groove between teachers and administrators?

Are you looking to lead your school district into the future by implementing innovative and exciting programs for students and teachers of all grade levels?

Do you want to get yourself ready for professional groups such as Google Trainer and Microsoft Innovative Educator but need extra support?

Are you looking to connect with other Tech Coaches from around the country with similar interests and struggles?

"Truly, thank you. I've really enjoyed the connection and collaboration of the Mastermind group. It's been great getting to know you and the others and look forward to ongoing conversations."

Kelly Orvick - California Tech Coach

F.A.Q. #1

Have You Ever Considered Joining A Professional Learning Network of Tech Coaches?

Are You a Tech Integration Specialist?

Welcome to the TeacherCast Tech Coaches Network

Hi, I'm Jeff Bradbury, creator of the TeacherCast Educational Network and host of "Ask the Tech Coach," the podcast that helps Technology Coaches create amazing digital learning programs for their staff and students.  Since 2011, TeacherCast has been "A Place for Teachers to Help Other Teachers" and this year, we are opening our network up to a brand new form of collaboration by inviting YOU to join us for our first Ask The Tech Coach Mastermind.

During our time together, you will learn how to create an effective, multi-level Technology Integration Plan that you can implement in your school district.

By enrolling in our program you will not only get a behind-the-scenes look at how to create a successful Digital Learning Plan for your district, but you will be given the tools for which to implement that plan so you can start seeing results in your classrooms immediately.

Over the last 7 years, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of teachers, hundreds of school districts, and dozens of edtech companies.  These experiences have given me the ability and opportunity to create a personalized and specialized that will help YOU become a more effective coach for your staff members.

Jeffrey Bradbury - TeacherCast Educational Network

F.A.Q. #2

What will I learn from joining the Mastermind?

How To Create A Culture Of Peer To Peer Learning

How To Work With Your District To Create an EdTech Integration Plan

How To Document Your Daily Activities Quickly & Easily

How To Introduce both Google Sites & Classroom To Create a Fully Digital Classroom

How To Choose the best free & Paid apps for your students

How To Work With Both Teachers & Admins ... Successfully

How To Create a Data Dashboard To Keep You Organized

How To Build a Tech Coach Website To Train Your Teachers

How To Integrate a Learning Management System Properly

How To Create Individual Learning Pathways For Teachers

How To Track the Progress of your teachers Tech Integration

F.A.Q. #3

What resources will I have acess to as a member of the Mastermind?

8 Week Tech Coach Mastermind Challenge

Individualized and Group Coaching Sessions

Learn how to create effectively integrate a LMS in only 8 weeks
that will put your school district on the path to seamless tech integration and personalized learning.

Tech Coach Digital Roadmap

An Edtech Digital Learning Plan For Success

Learn how to take a proven roadmap to Digital Literacy
and customize it for your own school districts goals and objectives.

Tech Coach Template Gallery

Free Downloadble Teaching Templates

Access to our entire library of templates and resources.

Tech Coach Podcasts and Videos

Tons of Bonus Items To Take To Your School

Never before released podcasts/blog posts
Free Lesson Plans for your teachers

Tech Coach Online Community

Membership to Tech Coach Online Community

LIFETIME ACCESS to our NEW Exclusive
TeacherCast Tech Coaching Community

Tech Coaching with LMS Course

2 FREE Online Courses

Free Access to our BRAND NEW Courses: "Learning Management Systems in the Classroom" and "Creating an EdTech Integration Plan for your School District.

Are You Looking To Create an Effective Digital Learning Plan
for your Staff this Year?

Many school districts are taking advantage of our discount prices to enroll all of their Tech Coaches in the Mastermind program.

If you are interested in signing up all of your coaching staff and would like to discuss bulk pricing, please let us know.  We work with school districts all of the time!

F.A.Q. #4

What Are Others Saying About Their Mastermind Experiences?

F.A.Q. #5

How Does The Mastermind Work?

F.A.Q. #6

What Makes This Mastermind So Special?

We Look Forward To Working With You

The TeacherCast Tech Coaching Mastermind is truly a culmination of everything TeacherCast was set out to be ... "A Place for Teachers to Help Other Teachers."

We have already seen major breakthroughs in the lives of Tech Coaches across the country and we are looking forward to working with you to fulfill you and your school districts goals this year.

Space in our next Mastermind cohort is extremely limited. Please be sure to complete the registration below and complete the enrollment process to secure your spot in the group.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Jeff Bradbury / Nicholas Amaral