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Epic Google Chrome Extensions Smackdown for Educators

Chrome Extensions Smackdown

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Show Information

  1. Screen Castify 
  2. Padlet Mini
  3. Speak it 
  4. extensify
  5. Google Dictionary
  6. Google apps quick Launch 
  7. Black Menu for Google
  8. Google URL shortener
  9. Read Write for Google
  10. Chrome Speak
  11. Snagit
  12. Announcify
  13. Hangouts
  14. adblock
  15. Clearly 
  16. shorten Me
  17. Save to pocket
  18. Gram marly :
  19. Buffer extension
  20. Diigo
  21. Translate 
  22. Ghosty
  23. Stayfocused

Recorded: September 8, 2014

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Jeff Bradbury, creator of TeacherCast, and father of the famous @EduTriplets is the Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Westwood Regional School District. Thanks for checking out TeacherCast today. Please take a moment to find me on all of my Social Media channels!