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Everything you have wanted to learn about GreenScreens, Lighting, Cameras

Lights, Camera, Greenscreens

Welcome to the 24th  episode of the Tech Educator Podcast.  The Tech Educator Podcast is a weekly roundtable discussion about current topics in educational technology.  For more information, please visit

Guest Host: Richard Cleveland – Naked Ape Productions

Ways to Green Screen:

  • Gamma Sector Green Paint – Disney Spectrum Chart (permanent)
  • Green Cloth (mobile solutions)
  • Use Clamp Lights that point down on the Green Screen to create separation between the subject and the screen.


  • Daylight balanced bulbs give more dispersed lights.
  • Consider 3 point lighting

App for iPad

  • Touchcast
  • Select one of their templates
  • Choose Camera/Effects and Green Screen
  • Have the app recognize Green as Gray
  • Determine what will show in the Grey/Green space.
  • Use Green Screen for students to present ‘in front’ of their Slide Presentation using Green Screen

Uses in the Classroom

  • Virtual Fieldtrips (put students on location)
  • Have students narrate classroom activities
  • Record classroom activity then has students reflect upon their activity experiences by narrating what happened in the class.


Software Options:

  • Camtasia

  • iMovie

  • WireCast

  • Ustream

  • Touchcast on iPad

Recorded August 11, 2013

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