Turn Your Word Documents Into Dynamic Websites Using SWAY!


Have you ever spent hours working on the perfect Word Doc and wondered … “who will ever see all of this work I just did?

This week, Microsoft announced a brand new feature that allows users to easily transform any Word Doc into a beautiful website using SWAY.  This process is pretty awesome and extremely to do and I highly recommend you try it out with your students today!

How can this be used in Education?

My first thought about how to use this is in traditional resumes.  How cool would it be to take your black and white printed website and with a few button clicks you have a dynamic online portfolio that you can then add your photos and videos.  In the classroom, this is a great opportunity to take the traditional 5 paragraph essays and create multi-media featured projects and presentations that will impress any college recruiter.

How Can You Use This in your Classroom?

In the next few weeks, I will be testing this new feature out with our TeacherCast show notes.  For more information about Microsoft Education please visit our Microsoft Education Homepage today.

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