We asked if you feel educators are being valued by EdTech venders … and here are the results

Recently, I ran a 5-day poll on Twitter asking if educators feel that their options are being valued by EdTech companies.  The results were quite alarming.

You can see that in the end, the poll was split 50/50.  I tracked this poll every few hours over the 5-day experiment and for the majority of the time, the answer was an overwhelming NO.  It was actually only in the last 12 hours that the YES vote caught up.

Why did I decide to run this?  What was I hoping to gain from this brief data point?  I'm not totally sure. It was really an attempt to try out the polling feature on Twitter.  However, I do feel that the question has some merit.  We live in a community where we look for each other for help and support. Teachers learn from Teachers, and EdTech companies wishing to help students globally turn to teachers for advice on how to better their products.

I'm curious … what do you think?  Do you feel your opinions are being valued by EdTech companies? Please leave a message in our comment section below.

For my next Twitter poll, I am continuing this theme by asking the question:

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